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Our Programs

The mission of Traditions Training is to teach “beyond the book” and provide knowledge and skills that will enhance your safety, efficiency, and knowledge as a firefighter. Our goal is to provide “real-world” tips and techniques gained from experience at fires.

Each program is customized in length and content to meet the goals of the hosting department. Programs are available from several hours to several days, accommodating tens or hundreds of students. Pricing is based on the type and length of the program. For more information, please contact us.

Combat Ready Firefighting

"Combat Ready" is the cornerstone philosophy of Traditions Training and a principal philosophy in all of our programs.

​This interactive, multi-media based presentation will discuss the presence and effects of complacency in the fire service along with how & why we must combat it. Tips on the readiness of your attitude & equipment will be offered for the engine and truck company, rapid intervention team, & incident commander. Many factors have served to increase complacency in today’s firefighters. A complacent attitude is the first step in a tragic calamity of errors that results in a fire extending beyond where it should have been controlled or preventable civilian or firefighter injuries and deaths.

First Alarm Strategy & Tactics

This program will discuss strategy and tactics for fires in single family dwellings, apartments, and commercial structures. We will focus on the differentiating factors between these structures and how differences in construction, occupancy, and other factors must influence firefighting operations.

General strategic goals and benchmarks for each structure will be discussed, along with supporting tactics for each. We will discuss engine, ladder, command, and rapid intervention considerations.

We will discuss options and techniques for fire attack, searches, ventilation, and other issues - highlighting the factors to consider when selecting each and formulating a decision-making process that officers can use to rapidly select the best applicable tactics for given conditions.

The program may be designed to fit various levels, from chief officer to firefighter, or a mixed audience.

Forcible Entry Academy

Searching for victims, getting a line on a fire - all require that we first get inside! Join the Traditions Training staff for 16-hours of essential information for getting YOU though the door. Firefighters must practice forcible entry to polish their techniques. Each attendee will force doors and other forcible entry challenges MULTIPLE times to gain this needed experience using their existing and newly acquired skills. This program is entirely hands-on and dynamic, focusing on giving you multiple options - using different tools, techniques, with or without a partner. Never find yourself out of ideas at the door again!

This program consists of two 8-hour segments that are available either separately or combined as our 16-hour “Forcible Entry Academy. Please see below for information on the “Halligan Pro” and “Advanced Forcible Entry” components of the program.

Hands on Training Programs
Truck Company Operations

Truck companies are tasked with a wide number and variety of tasks at a structural fire, all of which are essential to a successful outcome. Yet at many firegrounds there are a limited number of truck companies – or none at all...


“Truck work” is about the skills, not the vehicle. Even if you operate with no “ladder truck”, the truck- related tasks still must be performed. This 16-hour class is appropriate for departments with or without aerial apparatus.

Lecture / Conference Presentations

Please give consider any of our instructors to present at your next drill night, lecture program or conference. We love meeting firefighters and passing on the good word taught to us by those before us.

Combat Ready Firefighting
25 to Survive
Corporate Development
25 to Survive

Based on the acclaimed text from Fire Engineering, authors Doug Mitchell and Dan Shaw bring you the program that started it all. More firefighters are seriously injured and killed while operating at residential building fires than any other building type.  This dynamic and interactive program will address 25 critical firefighting issues common to the residential building fire.  


The program will discuss areas of firefighters preparation, response and operations, all of which are vital to successfully mitigating these deadly fires.  Students will learn “street-smart” tips, tactics and practical company drills to remedy the commonly encountered ‘errors’ and have students garner company level drills, to bring back more than just what they heard.

Aerial / Tower Ladder Operations

To obtain maximum benefit from versatile aerial apparatus it is necessary that firefighters, officers, and incident commanders understand the capabilities of their devices and how they can most effectively be integrated into the fireground. This program is available in as a 4 or 8 hour program and may combine classroom presentation with hands-on skills. The program can cover a variety of aerial device types, or focus on aerial, tower ladder, or tractor drawn devices specifically.

The program will be of interest to all, from firefighters to the chief officer level. Firefighters and driver/ operators will learn various uses, positions, and options for various devices. Chief level officers will come to further understand the tactical opportunities that a well placed and well used aerial device present. Attendees presently using an aerial in their department, those considering purchasing one, and departments who work with various devices at mutual aid incidents will all benefit from this program.

Engine Company Operations


This class will focus on the cornerstone of effective engine company operations: getting attack hoselines in place for firefighting. We will discuss a variety of issues including water supply issues, extended length handlines, and multi- story firefighting operations.


Emphasis will be on using the student’s present engine company to employ ingenious and “street-smart” solutions in stretching handlines. Students will expand their ability to operate as an efficient engine company member and acquire skills for a variety of situations.

Rapid Intervention Teams

Traditions Training was founded largely on the initial goal of improving rapid intervention capabilities. This essential fireground skill-set is comprised of a vast array of knowledge, skills, and abilities that could span endless hours of training. Our experience has taught us that successful rapid intervention evolutions are a result of excellent firefighting skills, ingenious problem solving, and good communication. Our rapid intervention programs focus on RIT-specific skills and realistic scenarios that enhance these core abilities. Traditions Training can provide your department with all-inclusive program to get your member’s RIT capabilities up and running, or training that supplements your existing knowledge and procedures.

Drawing on best practices from our various departments and the experiences of our instructors during real MAYDAY incidents, we will bring you a practical, street-smart rapid intervention training program that does not focus on “whiz-bang gadgetry”, but instead on actionable concepts and skills using your existing equipment. Your members will leave our programs with the practice and confidence to execute these skills under real-world circumstances.

Custom Programs
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